Legato Largo Multi-Storage Shoulder Bag (5 colours)

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A series of multi-storage 2WAY shoulder bags with a water-repellent finish and high-density nylon. It is sure to be active in a wide range of scenes with the convenient wallet function of Legato Largo® that is convenient when traveling. Equipped with five pockets and six card storages, it has excellent storage capacity. It is water-repellent. It can be used long because it uses fabric. Because the shoulder is removable, you can carry it however you wish! This product uses a water-repellent fabric, but it is not waterproof, so it will be flooded from areas such as seams when it is used in strong rain Please note that there is a risk. Also, please be aware that water-repellent processing may be reduced due to age-related deterioration or damage to the product. 

Material: Nylon 
Weight: 330g
Number of pockets: 6 
cards in × 6

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