Legato Largo Lineare 2-way Tote Bag

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An item with a simple design using synthetic leather developed with the concept of "a light bag that can be used on and off". The point of the tote bag that can be used in 2WAY is the silhouette that gives a three-dimensional effect. The size of the opening is easy to use and the opening is easy to use. A nice point with a wide bottom gusset of 13 cm. It has moderate elasticity and softness, and has a moist texture like genuine leather.

Material: Polyurethane (PU)
Weight: Approximately 390 g 
Number of pockets: 4

Width (cm): 32
Height (cm): 21
Machi (cm): 13

Handle length: 35 cm
Shoulder strap length: 103-128 cm


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