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A bag that fits in my width in both shape and movement. [MIHABAG]

It is customary to secure a distance with the people around you, and I think that many people are more concerned about colliding with strangers and belongings. It was born from the desire to propose a bag that is compact and easy to use in your own space (your own width).

A5 size tote bag that is perfect for daily use with just the right size, not too big and not too small. We are particular about the slim design so that it can be held "well in place" even in crowded situations. The front pocket penetrates, making it easy to take out from either the left or right. It is also a nice point to have a pocket that makes it easy to put in and take out small items such as smartphones.

Material: Polyurethane
Weight: 350g
Number of pockets: 2

Width (cm): 24
Height (cm): 24
Depth (cm): 9

Handle length: 50.5 cm

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