Legato Largo Lineare Shoulder Bag (Karuikaban)

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\ A new series from the popular "Karu Kaban" series! /
"Karuikaban" is a simple and minimal design bag that pursues the brand concept of "I want to use it every day" and is easy to coordinate in any scene or fashion without hesitation.
I want more women to know the appeal of the product. In addition, we will sell the limited-time model for the first time because we want those who already have it to enjoy it.
A casual yet elegant combination of synthetic leather and canvas material that is perfect for spring and summer and can be used on or off. Canvas material bags often feel heavy, but they are light enough to make a loud voice when you hold them. Using a coated canvas fabric, it is possible to maintain the beauty of the shape with a firm feeling. Has become a three-layer structure, because the main is in the zipper, what you want to immediately take out is convenient for our customers the main front and back of the pocket ◎

Karui bag new series appearance of can be understood able to have, mow of surprise

Material: <Body> Cotton, polyester, rayon
* Ivory / khaki is cotton only <Synthetic leather> Polyurethane

Weight: 210g
Capacity: -L
Number of pockets: 2

Width (cm): 24
Height (cm): 15
Depth (cm): 9

Shoulder strap length: 87-122cm


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