Legato Largo Lineare 2-way Tote Bag | NEW LIGHTWEIGHT

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Introducing a series of updated popular light bags!

Developed with the concept of "a light bag that can be used on and off", it
uses synthetic leather and has a simple design.

The handle can be folded inward for storage, giving it
a clean look when used on the shoulder ◎ The

shoulder strap has been improved to be a little thicker in response to customer feedback, and a
loop has been added to prevent the excess shoulder strap from breaking. did.

A new decorative name has been added, and the
bottom design adds attention to detail!

It has just the right amount of firmness and softness, and has
a moist texture like genuine leather.

Material: Polyurethane
Weight: 400g
Number of pockets: 3

Width (cm): 28
Height (cm): 21.5
Gusset (cm): 12.5

Handle length: 34cm
Shoulder strap length: 100-142cm

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