Legato Largo Lineare Shoulder Bag | NEW LIGHTWEIGHT

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Introducing a series of updated popular light bags!

Developed with the concept of "a light bag that can be used on and off", it
uses synthetic leather and has a simple design.

The shoulder strap has been improved to be a little thicker in response to customer feedback, and a
loop has been added to prevent the excess shoulder strap from breaking.

A magnetic hook is added to the front pocket, and the
back pocket that fits the body is made
without a magnet so that it can be easily taken out.

A new decorative name has been added, and the
bottom design adds attention to detail!

It weighs about 240g, so light that you might forget you have it.

It has just the right amount of firmness and softness, and has
a moist texture like genuine leather.

Material: Polyurethane
Weight: 240g
Number of pockets: 3

Width (cm): 24.5
Height (cm): 17.5
Gusset (cm): 10

Shoulder strap length: 80-124.5cm


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