Legato Largo Lineare Shoulder Bag | KARUIKABAN Series

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"Karukaban" is a simple and minimal design bag that is easy to coordinate in any scene and fashion, pursuing the brand concept "I want to use it every day".
The "Kororon" series is characterized by its rounded shape. It has more storage capacity than it looks, and with plenty of gusset, it can store 500 ml PET bottles, folding umbrellas, and long wallets. In addition, it is convenient to put an IC card or smartphone that you want to take out immediately in the back pocket. It is also recommended that the bag is self-supporting. An excellent item that is perfect for both daily and outings.

Material: Polyurethane
Weight: 350g
Number of pockets: 3

Width (cm): twenty five
Height (cm): 23.5
Machi (cm): 11.5

Handle length: 26cm
Shoulder strap length : 93-127cm


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