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Legato Largo Lieto 2-way Shoulder Bag (5 colours)

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Introducing a series multi-storing 2-way shoulder bag that uses water-repellent finishing and uses high-density, elastic nylon. With a convenient wallet function of Legato Largo®, which is convenient when traveling, it is sure to be useful in a wide range of situations. Equipped with 5 pockets and 6 card storages, it has excellent storage capacity ♪ Because it uses water repellent * fabric, you can use it for a long time. As the shoulder is removable, you can use it according to the scene! * Water repellent fabric This product uses a water repellent fabric, but it does not have a waterproof structure, so if it is used in heavy rain, it will be flooded from the seams etc. on the product. Please note that there is a risk. Also, please note that water repellency may deteriorate due to deterioration over time or damage to the product.

Material: Nylon
Weight: 330g
Number of pockets: 6
card slots x 6
Handle length: 28.5cm Shoulder string length: 110-130cm

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