anello Grande x Disney Kuchigane Backpack (R) | 101 Dalmatians

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The point is the Dalmatian pattern on the handle.
The handle uses a Dalmatian pattern, and the fastener uses a color that matches the collar of the padita. Cute children are printed on the front of the bag, and the lining is also original printed. It can hold a lot of luggage, so it's perfect for going out or traveling. With a zipper on the back that connects directly to the main unit storage.

Size: (Width / Height / Machi) 26/40/17cm A4
(Weight) Approx. 520g
(Capacity) Approx. 18L
(Handle) 33cm
(Shoulder / Shoulder strap) 42-83cm
Material: Polyester
Number of pockets: 5
Openings Main: Fastener


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