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anello Multi-Functional Square Backpack Small | PEG

  • $55.00

PEG Series use denim-like polyester fabric.

The size and design of this backpack is especially made for business purposes. Created for the use of business people on the go. Water-repellent and light, whilst leaving an impression of casualness and can easily complement suits.

A lightweight backpack with a weight of around 570g and a functionally placed pocket. The capacity of 15L is a feeling of town use just right size. While there is a solid impression in appearance, each storage part is excellent for a well-designed pocket arrangement.
Designs that can be used regardless of gender are ideal for commuting to work.

Material: Polyester
Weight: Approximately 570 g
Volume: 15 L
Shoulder strap length: 45-88 cm
number of pockets: 15


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