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Anello® has realized the recycling of more than 430,000 PET bottles in total through products using REPREVE® in one year from the start of sustainable efforts. To commemorate the first anniversary of its release, the "SOLID series", which makes the most of customer requests, is now available from the popular CROSS BOTLE series, which is only available at online stores and directly managed stores!

Fasteners and other materials are the same color as the main body. The color of the metal fittings is also silver, giving a calm impression. In addition, we have created a new gray-beige color that has never been seen before. The opening has a base and opens wide, making it easy to put in and take out luggage. With a security pocket on the back that can store valuables and a zipper that connects directly to the main unit storage. It's a unique item with functionality and ease of use!

[What is REPREVE®]
An environmentally friendly fabric made from collected and recycled PET bottles manufactured by Unifi, a textile company in the United States.

This item is recycled for 5 500ml PET bottles.

Material: Polyester Weight: 580g 
Capacity : 18L 
Number of pockets: 7

Width (cm): 27
Height (cm): 40
Machi (cm): 17

Handle length: 31 cm
Shoulder strap length: 40-82 cm

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