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Anello Kuchigane Backpack Slim Small | N/C

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A new color comes up in a clasp rucksack of popular アネロ. A hickory and a calm color were added. The main pocket which greatly opens is easy to put it in and out and there is the pocket which plastic bottles are put in in the side and is convenient. To the person who is looking for the color that is new by a slightly small type.

Size :  35 x 22 x 12 cm

Material: Polyester

Weight : 430g

Bagstore Singapore (by Assisted Living Pte Ltd) is the appointed authorised distributor by Anello Japan (Carrot Co). Please refer to the letter of authorisation by Carrot Co as attached below. 

All Anello products are directly supplied by Anello Japan and 100% authentic. Support the original and buy with confidence. 

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