PopSockets Grip [Liamacorn] - 100% Authentic / Authorized Distributor (800021)

PopSockets Grip [Liamacorn] - 100% Authentic / Authorized Distributor (800021)

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Popsockets is a mobile accessory that can transform your devices so that it becomes more conducive for texting or snapping the perfect selfie.

Depending on the usage, a single or a pair of Popsockets can be added to the back of your mobile device. Simply "pop" and expand the Popsockets whenever a grip or stand is needed when taking pictures or watching videos. It can also come in handily when managing earphone wires.

Note though that Popsockets cannot be used on devices and cases made of silicone or if have a waterproofing coating. Still, this collapsible accessory can be used on most devices and cases, be it a Nintendo 3DS for comfortable gaming or a GoPro for a solid grip in the water.


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